A Tribute to Buck

A Tribute to Buck

The team at Vetz Petz AntinolⓇ first met with Jody Faulkner from Plano, Texas, and her agility champion Buck about 6 months ago to learn more about Buck’s success on AntinolⓇ. Buck and Jody’s success story sparked a journey to a 2.5 year partnership between AntinolⓇ and the United States Dog Agility Association. This is a tribute story to Buck and a thank you for the introduction.

Buck and Jody were a winning team! Blazing a trail together, at USDAAⓇ agility trials. “Buck was an old soul. He was a super sweet guy who wanted to be friends with everyone. He had a temperament to die for and was a quick learner. He was always looking to please me.”

As he matured, Jody knew they had something special.

“He wasn’t a typical ‘teenage boy’ dog. He was special. At 12 months old, he let me know he was ready. That he was mature enough. He meant business every time we stepped into the agility ring. The best compliment we ever had was from a friend who said that ‘we were a team at our very first trial.’ We’ve been a team ever since.”

But in 2014, Buck was diagnosed with an anterior cruciate ligament tear. It looked like this was the end of his agility career.

Buck jumping through the agility ring

Even after lots of crate rest, Buck still wasn’t right, and his vet suspected further soft tissue damage.

Eventually, he was referred to top Houston surgeon, Dr Brian Beale, at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists.

Unfortunately, Buck needed TPLO surgery. A major orthopaedic operation, used to treat ACL damage. The surgery involves changing the angle of the tibial plateau in the shin by rotating and pinning it with plates and screws. This stabilises the leg, despite the instability of the damaged ligaments.

Further surgery is often required after the first TPLO surgery, and any joint surgery can result in or worsen osteoarthritis.

“Thankfully, the surgery was successful”, says Jody. “Once we were released to play agility again, Dr. Beale recommended AntinolⓇ. He had seen some arthritis already developing in the limb with the cruciate ligament tear and thought AntinolⓇ would help.”

Jody ordered AntinolⓇ straight away, and Buck had been taking it ever since.

“He never needed a second surgery, which is fantastic. Not only that, but by May 2015, we competed successfully at the South Central Regional agility competition in Oklahoma!”

Buck going through the Pole Weave

Jody and Dr Beale were blown away by Buck’s recovery. They got in touch with VetzPetz, the makers of AntinolⓇ, to share his fantastic success story.

The dedication of the agility community to their dogs and the hard work of USDAAⓇ impressed the team at VetzPetz. VetzPetz were excited to team up with USDAAⓇ and now AntinolⓇ is the official joint supplement of the USDAAⓇ.

The team will be helping other dogs like Buck keep mobile and enjoy happy, active lives. 


Photos courtesy of GreatDanePhoto.

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